Task Forces & SINs

Task Forces and Special Interest Networks

CEPIS provides a forum for Members to collaborate on topics of interest through its groups (Task Forces or Special Interest Networks) and activities. Each group is dedicated to a specific ICT-related field that Members have identified as important. Task forces and SINs consist of representatives from CEPIS Member Societies, who are committed to exploring issues and solving problems in each field.

The Chairs of all CEPIS SINs and Task Forces invite all Member Societies to participate in these groups and thus contribute to promotion of these issues in Europe and in Members’ own countries. To join any of these groups, please contact the CEPIS Secretariat.

Currently CEPIS has eight active Task Forces and SINs:

  • Ethics SIN – The Ethics SIN aims to promote and support the development of high standards of Professional Ethics for IT Professionals in Europe. 
  • Computing in School SIN – The CEPIS Computing in Schools SIN aims to help member societies engage purposefully with schools. 
  • Legal and Security Issues Special Interest Network (LSI SIN) – The LSI SIN brings together experts from CEPIS Member Societies with the mission of collecting, synchronizing and providing independent professional expertise from CEPIS experts to relevant and interested European parties. It focuses on IT-related legislation and IT security issues. 
  • Women in ICT Task Force – Through information and best practice sharing, the group aims to grow the numbers of women working in IT professions (industrial and academic) in Greater Europe. In order to do this, we will need to attract more women to the technical professions in Academia and in Industry and once there, we will need to ensure that they remain in the Technology workforce. 
  • Green ICT Task Force – The purpose of the activities of the CEPIS Green ICT Task Force is to share information about the necessity and the benefits of Green ICT to improve the energy efficiency as well as the environmental and social sustainability of ICT usage in Europe.
  • Information Society SIN – The purpose of the activities of this SIN is to help Member Societies stay up-to-date and work with the trending topics of ICT in the general Society, such as the Digital Single Market, Industry 4.0, accessibility and inclusion, health and assisted living systems, open Data and eGovernment, impact of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things on society.
  • Digital Skills Policy task force - The group’s purpose is to study the rising demand of digital skills in Europe, to define a CEPIS policy and use the opportunity to align it with the EU actions and priorities, as well as supporting ECDL Foundation in its advocacy activities.
  • Membership Fees and Members’ revenues Group - The group’s objective is to explore different models for collecting membership fees in CEPIS, as well as collect best practice examples and exchange experience in generating revenue for national member societies.