Legal and Security Issues Special Interest Network (LSI SIN)


LSI SIN Chair: prof. dr. Kai Rannenberg

Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg

Mobile Business & Multilateral Security
Goethe University Frankfurt      
Grueneburgplatz 1
D-60054 Frankfurt/Main
Tel.: +49-69-798-34701
Fax: +49-69-798-35004
Email address: kai.rannenberg[at]


LSI SIN Secretary: Marko Hölbl, Ph.D.

Marko Hölbl, Ph.D.
Institute of Informatics                      
Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science
University of Maribor
Smetanova ulica 7
2000 Maribor
Tel.: +386 2 2207361
Fax: +386 2 2207272
Email address: marko.holbl[at]


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