To fulfil its mission, the CEPIS Legal and Security Issues Special Interest Network (LSI SIN) currently works or plans to work in three special activity areas (beyond the general activities). Apart from this, the CEPIS LSI SIN knows from experience that in its area, important and sometimes controversial issues often come up very quickly and require quick reaction. Therefore, in all areas unforeseen actions may be needed and may turn out to be more important than planned activities.

Activity Area 0: General Activities

CEPIS LSI SIN maintains a members list, which is used to discuss upcoming aspects within LSI, and a friends list, where we distribute information to interested parties. In addition, the LSI SIN has semi-annual meetings to discuss and prepare work in its three activity areas.

Activity Area 1: Statements

Statements on issues of IT-related legislation and IT security are a professional service to the public that many members of CEPIS Member Societies expect from their societies. At the same time these statements have served well in raising awareness about CEPIS and CEPIS member organizations with European decision makers, media and the professional community. Click here to view published statements and papers

Activity Area 2: Providing Expertise to Politics and Stakeholders

To intensify communication with European institutions, CEPIS LSI aims to raise awareness with the European institutions and their members. CEPIS LSI will also continue its activities with the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), which includes working on the ENISA Management Board (of which the CEPIS LSI Chair is a member) and related groups. Of special importance here is the attendance to the non-formal meetings of the ENISA Management Board, where strategic issues are discussed.

Activity Area 3: Contribute Security Knowledge to CEPIS Education, Training and Certification Efforts

CEPIS LSI SIN aims to continue contributing security advice to further improve the ECDL syllabus and will stay in contact with the ECDL. Also developing or collecting a special syllabus for ECDL or other education/certification efforts related to LSI issues could be possible. CEPIS LSI SIN also looks forward to contributing to further CEPIS-related education, training and certification efforts.