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With ICT skill shortages looming, there is a need for initiatives which aim to attract and retain more women in the STEM professions, where women are frequently called the unexplored capital.

The DiverslT Charter is a roadmap and structured programme of activities that organisations can take to establish a supporting environment for Women in IT professions. The actions are in three main stages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) with themes of activity at each stage. Signatories to the charter commit to engage in with the charter and undertake the activities, outlined within the DiverslT Charter Overview Document, which will progressively allow their organisations to build support for women working in technology roles.

CEPIS recognises that in order to grow the numbers of women in technology across Europe:

  • Only a small proportion of the eight million people working in the technology professions across Europe are women;

  • A comprehensive approach is needed which involves governments, industry and training institutions;

  • Most companies and organisations are looking to diverse groups such as women to fill computing and IT roles to make up the shortfall in IT professionals;

  • Women decline to work in the IT professions and the retention rates for women professionals are too high;

  • Changes are required to existing cultures within the IT working teams across Europe;

  • We need to provide guidance on activities and o share best practice on supporting women in ICT;

  • Awareness needs to be raised in parents, teachers and employers about the importance of IT careers for women and girls;

  • Awareness should be expanded on the benefits of embracing diverse teams (i.e. profitability, innovation, productivity and image).

The DiverslT Charter roadmap moves organisations through three progressive levels of att ainment: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level has a focus on:

  • Monitoring the current situation;

  • Growing the number of female role models within the industry;

  • Communicating the message about roles for women in tech to girls, parents, women and industry leaders;

  • Setting targets and goals to ensure that progress is made.

DiversIT Charter Documents

Executive summary

DiversIT Charter - full overview

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