Women in ICT

As ICT increasingly shape the economy and society, the demand for digital jobs keeps growing but the supply of ICT graduates declines year after year. CEPIS recognises the threat that this poses for the ICT sector, the European economy and competitiveness overall. With the demand for ICT personnel with the right skills likely to increase in the future, action is necessary to:

  • promote the participation and advancement of women in ICT-related careers (promote gender equality in the ICT sector)
  • encourage and stimulate the interest of young people, particularly women, to engage in ICT-related studies and subsequent careers.

On this page you can find out more about the activities undertaken by CEPIS to support these objectives.

CEPIS Task Force


Position Statement


Position Statement

CEPIS setup the Women in ICT Task Force in 2012 to pool the expertise from its Member Societies on the topic of women in ICT. The Task Force brings together experts from national informatics societies across Europe with a view to share best practice and help building the gender balance in the ICT profession. More on the CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force


This position statement identifies five priorities to get more young girls and women into ICT and to help close the digital jobs gap. The priorities include the creation of a European Girls in ICT Day and the promotion of strong female ICT role models to inspire young girls. Read the Position Statement 'Building the Gender Balance in the ICT Profession'


One of the key issues nowadays is that there is a severe lack of women ICT professionals. It is vitally important not only to attract girls to ICT/STEM studies, but also retain existing women professionals. CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force has produced a series of policy recommendations to facilitate the attraction and retention of women to digital jobs. Check out the recommendations

Special Publication




International Cooperation

This special publication outlines the activities undertaken by CEPIS in order to increase the number of female IT professionals across Europe. Download the Special Publication 'Building the Gender Balance in the ICT Profession'


CEPIS also sponsors women in ICT awards on a bi-annual basis, mainly to young women that have shown exceptional skills and innovation in the field of ICT. More on the CEPIS Women in ICT Award


CEPIS works in conjunction with the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) and other partners to ensure that women are encouraged to become a positive force and influence in the ICT sector.

Data on Women in ICT


Best Practice Examples


CEPIS collects data and statistics on the number of women in ICT. Discover the figures


CEPIS collects examples of best practice in promoting and encouraging more women and girls to pursue a career or studies in ICT. Find out more