Women in ICT Task Force

As ICT increasingly shape the economy and society, the demand for digital jobs keeps growing but the supply of ICT graduates declines year after year. CEPIS recognises the threat that this poses for the ICT sector, the European economy and competitiveness overall. With the demand for ICT personnel with the right skills likely to increase in the future, action is necessary to:

  • promote the participation and advancement of women in ICT-related careers (promote gender equality in the ICT sector);

  • encourage and stimulate the interest of young people, particularly women, to engage in ICT-related studies and subsequent careers.

Task Force Chair: Gillian Arnold, United Kingdom

Statement of the Chair:

"Most authorities now state that the EU will be short of nearly one million skilled IT individuals by 2020. If we are to make any positive change to these numbers, many senior managers already know that they will need to review what they do with regard to recruitment and retention of staff in ICT professions. Many interesting and positive initiatives are under way, with organisations broadening talent acquisition strategies, retraining staff from other disciplines and creating home-grown skills.

Eurostat figures show that there are currently nearly 6.5Million men and 1.2Million women working in technology-based roles across the region. We therefore have an enormous untapped workforce opportunity to help us plug the skills gap and also to derive the benefits that diversity can bring to our organisations (and countries). In order to access these skills, we simply need to change what we are doing to ensure that we attract and retain women into the technology workforces across the EU.

The CEPIS Women in IT Taskforce exists to share best practice on attracting women to the workforce and on retaining them within the IT workforce. Research suggests that women are more loyal than men when they join our organisations, so getting retention strategies right ensures that recruitment and training costs are reduced. This CEPIS taskforce is now looking for new members from across Europe. We want representatives from each of your countries to ensure that we engage women across the EU to plug the skills gaps. And you don’t have to be a woman to be on the team! This isn’t a women’s problem but a workforce problem, so we need a diverse team to help us drive beneficial and innovative change across Europe."

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To join the Task Force, please contact the CEPIS Secretariat.