Research and Reports

e-Competence in Europe - Analysing Europe’s Gaps and Mismatches for a Stronger ICT Profession, 2014 

This document presents the results of the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark research which has identified the e-competences of over 2,000 ICT professionals in 31 countries across greater Europe. Eight individual country reports have been produced in addition to this European report. Each report provides an in-depth analysis of the level of professional competences and a snapshot of the profession in each country.

e-Competence in Europe - Executive Summary

e-Competence in Europe - Report

The International Dimension of ICT Professionalism & the Impact of Globalisation, 2014

This document presents the results of a research project that examined the international dimension of ICT professionalism and to assess the impact of globalisation on high-level e-skills requirements. CEPIS was commissioned by the European Commission to collaborate on this project with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI), the International Data Corporation (IDC) and empirica.

e-Skills: The International Dimension and the Impact of Globalisation  - Executive Summary

e-Skills: The International Dimension and the Impact of Globalisation  - Report

e-Skills Foresights - e-Skills in Europe, 2007

The report examines the key trends that will play a role in influencing the supply and demand of each of the three types of e-skills, as well as the off-shoring of ICT work that is of growing political interest and could substantially affect future demand levels. It then examines, qualitatively and quantitatively, how things could develop. A list of ninety "change drivers", covering social, technological, economic, environmental, political and value-related forces are examined. The main impact of each driver on demand for ICT Practitioner skills is analysed, as well as three factors that are strong determinants of this demand and that are impacted most significantly by the ninety drivers are identified:

  • the rate of ICT innovation (technological change)
  • economic growth (both within the EU and beyond)
  • the degree of off-shoring undertaking within the industry

Thinking ahead on e-Skills in Europe - Executive Summary

Thinking ahead on e-Skills in Europe - Report

IT Practitioner Skills in Europe - Labour Market Survey Report, 2002

In spite of an extended period of discussion about the IT skills gaps in Europe, many questions remain about the extent of the problem. This CEPIS report surveys the current state of IT practitioner skills within the EU and presents an overview of the IT practitioner labour market.

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