Factsheet Spotlights Digital Skills Gaps in Europe

European CommissionA new factsheet on digital skills gaps in Europe has been published by the European Commission. The factsheet, which summarises existing data on the topic, highlights that, although 9 in 10 jobs in the future will demand digital skills, 44% of Europeans are still lacking even basic digital skills.

The factsheet puts the spotlight on inequalities in digital skill levels between countries, showing, for example, that 86% of individuals in Luxembourg have basic digital skills, compared to just 26% in Bulgaria.

Initiatives to tackle the problem are also highlighted, including the EU’s Upskilling Pathways initiative, which aims to help low-skilled adults to acquire digital skills; the upcoming Digital Opportunity Traineeship Programme, which will help 6,000 students get experience in ICT fields; and the EU Code Week campaign, which raises the profile of coding among a wide audience in more than 50 countries around Europe.

The factsheet can be downloaded from the website of the European Commission.