ICT-Mastery’s e-CF Tool Now Available in 5 Languages

ICT-mastery - logo -finalICT-Mastery’s European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) tool, which identifies the 40 competences within any text, is now offered in five languages: Italian, French, English, Dutch, and German. The tool uses an algorithm to discern competences, which are identified in the e-CF, from any text and it displays which competences were identified and their prevalence in the text. Sources for text can include anything from text books to memos, or even your LinkedIn profile. Furthermore, now that the e-CF tool can operate in 5 languages, it can be used by ICT professionals across Europe. As the e-CF has become a European standard, ICT-Mastery’s tool offers a desirable service to individuals looking to use the e-CF.

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