EU Skills Profiling Tool Offers Promising Solution to the Migrant Crisis

European CommissionOn 20 June, the European Commission launched a new tool to identify the skills and qualifications of third country nationals. The EU Skills Profiling Tool is an online self-assessment tool that comes as a direct response to the migrant crisis that started in 2015 and aims to help harness the talents of new migrants. The tool’s primary function is to help users, with assistance from an interviewer, produce a profile of their skills to support further assessment, serve as a basis for offering guidance, identify up-skilling needs and support job-searching and job-matching. In practice, it should allow better integration of new migrants by identifying their skills to future employers and certifying agencies. If the tool is successful, it will be a step forward to solving the continuing problems of migrant integration in Europe. Representatives from organizations, such as the UNCHR, were present during the event to show their support for the project.

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