Learn About Your Member State’s Progress in Digital Policies with the European Digital Progress Report

Using a combination of quantitative data from the March 2017 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), the European Digital Progress Report (EDPR) provides with an in-depth analysis of the progress made in the Member States in terms of digital policies. From the progress made in fast broadband coverage in rural areas (+10% of coverage in a year), to the lack of digital skills of adults (44% with low or no skills), including data on the degree of digitisation of European companies, the report gives an overview of the state-of-play and impact of the 20 digital policies around the European Union. Connectivity, digital skills, digitisation in businesses, the use of digital tools in public service, research and innovation in ICT are areas covered by the report. For each of the issues analysed, the report presents an example of best practices such as the Net4All, an Italian initiative aiming at bringing fast broadband to rural areas.

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