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With its mid-term review of the Digital Single Market (DSM), the European Commission provides an overview of the progress made in implementing the DSM strategy. It assesses the extent to which investment in infrastructure and digital skills, from the EU level, Members States and the private sector have been effective enough to sustain a coherent and efficient DSM. For instance, the review lists a series of actions such as the end of roaming charges, Internet connectivity for all, the amelioration of the online marketplace for consumers and business or even the proposal for a revised ePrivacy Regulation complementing the already existing General Data Protection Regulation, all of which positively participate to the thriving of the DSM. While the review lauds the progress made, it also highlights what still needs to be done. Namely, the review suggests that further steps need to be taken when it comes to creating a fair and secure digital environment or developing Online Platforms. Overall the review is a useful tool to better understanding the challenges ahead for the implementation of the DSM and the importance of having a coherent European regulatory framework.

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