Views of the European Parliament on Digitising the European Industry

On 10 May, the European Parliament published its report on digitising the European industry. The report presents the opinions of the employment and social affairs committee, of the internal market and consumer protection committee, of the transport and tourism committee and of the culture and education committee. The European Parliament points out the importance for the European industry to remain relevant in this ever-changing period which sees the beginning of a new industrial revolution based on automation and digitisation. For that to happen, the European Parliament focuses on three main elements: the Industrial Digitalisation Strategy (IDS), the necessity of creating the relevant environment (remove obstacles within the digital market, make more progress with high-speed connectivity, support on-demand and collaborative economies, build a reliable infrastructures for the consumers, support SMEs in developing their digital infrastructures…) and finally, ensuring European technology becomes a leader and model able to offer a secure environment to its digitisation transition. Overall the motion, describes the steps to creating a more coherent and cohesive legal framework for the functioning and thriving of the digitising European industry.

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