Cybersecurity in 2017 eGovernment Factsheets - Europe's Waking Up

European CommissionThe European Commission’s National Interoperability Framework Observatory has published the 2017 edition of eGovernment factsheets. The factsheets showcase activities and policies of 34 European countries in the field of digital public services. This year’s main change has been the addition of cybersecurity as a new topic. Awareness about the importance of cybersecurity has been on the rise, and European countries are taking steps to protect their data. United Kingdom and Malta adopted a National Cybersecurity Strategy in 2016, while Slovakia adopted an action plan for the implementation of the cybersecurity concept, and other countries are following suit. Other findings were that the eIDAS regulation’s implementation is progressing well, with the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Ireland being at the forefront of innovations. New data portal creation was also notable – an increasing number of countries are joining the Open Data Partnership.

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