Certified IT Pros in Europe Earn 13% More, Says 2017 IT Skills and Salaries Report

leaderGetting your ICT skills certified is not a waste of time or money, Global Knowledge’s 10th annual IT Skills and Salaries Report shows. According to the survey results, both individuals and organisations benefit from certifications. IT professionals with certifications earn on average 13% more than their non-certified counterparts across Europe. Respondents also indicated a correlation between certification and job security and satisfaction for the employee. The survey found increased productivity and earning potential as well as fewer skills gaps to be the main benefits for organisations.

Other findings of the report show that close to 70% of IT decision-makers reported a gap between available skills levels and the knowledge needed; inadequate investment in training and upskilling being the main cause. The report also found that cybersecurity and cloud computing skills are the most sought-after. Individuals working in cybersecurity also earn the highest salaries, with an average global salary of €82,340 a year.

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