Unleashing the Single Market's Full Potential with Three Concrete Initiatives

European CommissionIn 2015, the Single Market Strategy was born. The political message delivered by President Juncker at the time was clear: the Single Market would be the platform for European companies to thrive in the global economy.

Recently, the European Commission (EC) has presented three initiatives. First is the Single Digital Gateway, aimed at facilitating the access to high quality information for online administrative procedure and services on a cross-border level (other Member States will be able to access those data) and allowing users to submit all necessary information only once (the ‘once-only’ principle). The second is the Single Market Information Tool (SMIT), which enables the EC to request information directly from the companies in the field of competition policy, thus ensuring a better surveillance of the respect of the EU Single Market legislation. The final initiative is the SOLVIT Action Plan which builds on the success of SOLVIT (a free service providing people with rapid solutions when experiencing difficulties accessing public administration services) and aims at increasing the use of SOLVIT by making sure more citizens and business can access it.

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