20% off WCCE2017 Ticket Prices for CEPIS Members

icsWith the World Conference on Computers in Education merely two months away, the Irish Computer Society is delighted to present a programme featuring over 200 speakers, who will cover the future of a range of areas such as: Mobile Learning; Computing Education; Education Software Development; Teacher Education; Gamification & Stealth Assessment; Virtual Learning Environments; ICT Curriculum Developments; and more.

Among the speakers are CEPIS members; BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT will be represented by Mary Webb, Senior Lecture at King’s College London who will deliver a full-day symposium entitled ‘From curriculum visions to computer science and Computational Thinking in the curriculum in practice’ and Don Passey, Professor at Lancaster University, UK, who will present a symposium covering ‘Rethinking learning in a digital age: Connecting research practice, and policy making.

Mikka Ruohonen, University of Tampere, Finland, will represent the Finnish Information Processing Association by delivering a symposium on ICT4D, Education and Sustainable Development, and Gesellschaft für Informatik will be represented by Christine Bescherer, Professor at University of Ludwigsburg, Germany, who will deliver a short paper entitled ‘Computational Thinking in Primary Schools: Theory and Causal Models’. To download a copy of the draft programme, please visit WCCE2017.com.

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