EESC Calls for More Innovation and Continuity in Education and Skills Development


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted an opinion on the New Skills Agenda developed by the European Commission. The opinion welcomes the New Skills Agenda, but is critical of the Agenda’s focus on providing a minimum skill set. The EESC’s view is that Europe needs more innovative solutions in the field of education if a long-term answer to unemployment and skill insufficiency problems is to be found. This applies especially to digital skills, because they develop and change constantly. Therefore, the EESC believes that it is crucial to focus also on lifelong learning, vocational education and training and similar concepts to enable and encourage people to advance further and reach the highest achievable level of skills to maintain and improve their employability.

The EESC also calls for stronger links between the new Agenda and the education and employment targets of both the European Semester, Europe 2020 Strategy and the Digital Single Market strategy.

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