57% of IT Professionals Recognise Skills Gap in ICT Sector


Networkers, a global tech recruitment agency, has recently conducted a survey of over 1,600 IT professionals from all over the world. More than half of the IT professionals surveyed acknowledge the skills gap in the ICT sector. Almost 60% are willing to transfer to a different skill set, but most recommend promoting technology careers to young people as the best way to address this issue. Re-training and upskilling of the current workforce is also considered a viable solution. Tech workers see cybersecurity as the fastest-changing field where skill adequacy is a matter of concern.

Most IT professionals are positive about the state of industry: 61% reported a pay increase in the past year and 47% think that the reputation of the sector has improved. They are equally optimistic about the future – more than half expect their career to move forward and almost half expect a pay increase in the coming year. Gender equality within the sector is also growing, especially regarding pay.

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