New Rolling Plan Links ICT Standardisation to Policy

European Commission

The Rolling Plan is an annual work programme that offers an overview of the standardisation activities needed to support EU policies. It is the result of an annual dialogue between the European Commission and a Multi-Stakeholder Platform composed of EU Member States, European and global standardisation bodies, industry and association representatives. The Rolling Plan focuses on actions which can support EU policies; the link between legislation and policy is crucial because ICT standards support growth, improve the lives of European consumers and help public services offer digital and cross-border services. 5G, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Big Data and the Internet of Things have been identified as priority domains where the need for standardisation is the most urgent. The Rolling plan mentions that the European Framework for the ICT Profession will complement and build on the existing European e-Competence Framework (e-CF). It specifies that CEN/TC 428 is responsible for the maintenance and update of the e-CF and that the CEN Workshop on ICT skills provides a suitable forum for initial work on standards to support ICT professionalism.

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