Digital Technology Still a Tool, Not a Mindset

European CommissionAsk European companies what they think about digital technologies. A source of business opportunities? - Yes. Useful tools for enhancing and improving daily operations? - Sure. Major societal impact? - No doubt. How much time and resources do you invest in it? - Well…

According to the Digital Transformation Scoreboard, a survey-based assessment published by the European Commission, that is the attitude of businesses in most EU countries. The survey reveals that embracing technology can result in productivity gains and a larger annual turnover. The problem is, however, that many companies, even those that invest in technology, lack the digital skills to properly benefit from them. Only 50% of the respondents said they had the digital skills to adopt new technology. At the same time, employers do not regard upskilling and reskilling as a priority – only 28% of the surveyed companies have engaged a strategy to reskill their employees to increase their digital capacities.

The Digital Transformation Scoreboard measures changes in key indicators of digital transformation: digital infrastructures, investment and access to finance, supply and demand of digital skills, e-leadership and entrepreneurial culture. The report gives valuable insights on the situation in the EU as a whole, as well as country-specific reports. The countries where the abovementioned indicators are best developed are Germany and the Scandinavian and Benelux countries. Western Europe has a good enabling environment, whereas Eastern and Southern European countries still have room for improvement.

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