Time to Revise EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy, says EESC

cybersecurityAs the digital economy grows and security incidents increase, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is calling for a revision of the EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy. The current strategy was developed in 2013, and is therefore in dire need of updating. In an opinion that the EESC recently adopted, it welcomes the European Commission’s communication on strengthening the cyber resilience system and suggests several measures for improving the situation, such as allocating sufficient funding to the European Cybercrime Centre, European Defence Agency and cybersecurity research and development. The EESC Committee hopes that the contractual Public Private Partnership initiative can also be used to obtain funding for cybersecurity-related projects and initiatives.

According to the EESC, the EU Cybersecurity Strategy should focus on the preservation of privacy and respect for fundamental rights, a deep partnership between all stakeholders (governments, private sector and the public) and common technical standards. The EESC plans to continue working on the issue of cybersecurity throughout 2017.

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