Merger Gives Rise to a New Dutch Informatics Association

KNVI newThe Dutch Informatics Association (NGI) has merged with the Royal Dutch Association of Informatics Professionals (KNVI) and SOD to form a new Informatics association called KNVI. This new association gathers 200,000 Dutch IT professionals and will be the Dutch member of CEPIS. By merging their respective products and services, they will offer a broader range of services to their members. This is what this new association is all about: sharing and creating knowledge. Special Interest Groups will play an important role, organising events and developing content that will allow the Dutch IT profession to thrive. The new KNVI will be further strengthened by a Board of Advisors chaired by Marietje Schaake, Member of the European Parliament. Her focus, amongst other things, is on digital freedom and European foreign policy.

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