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CEPIS Says New EU Standard Will Help Tackle e-Skills Gap

The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF), which describes the competences and skills requirements of ICT professionals, has become a European standard, following its official publication by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) yesterday.

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77% of ICT Professionals Face Competence Gap

Only 23% of ICT professionals have the competences associated with their jobs. This is one of the key findings of the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark research. A European report and eight country reports are available for download.

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03-06-2017European Commission Evaluates the Digital Market Strategy
03-06-2017Funding Opportunity: €12 Million Available for Cybersecurity
03-06-2017Lack of Digital Skills Impedes Company Performance per New EC Report
03-06-2017The Pledge Viewer: a Map of Europe’s Pledges to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition
02-06-2017Is the .eu Top-Level Domain Still Relevant?
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08-05-2017Don't Miss the First European Data Ethics Forum!
06-05-2017European Commission Calls to Help Bridge the Gender Gap in the Digital World
05-05-201720% off WCCE2017 Ticket Prices for CEPIS Members
03-05-2017Certified IT Pros in Europe Earn 13% More, Says 2017 IT Skills and Salaries Report
02-05-2017European Commission Defines Minimum Security Requirements for IoT
01-05-2017New Shared Concept Provides "How to Guide" for National Digital Skills Strategies
01-05-2017Tech Week and IT Professionals Day Celebrations at the Irish Computer Society
30-04-2017What Should Digitally Competent Teachers Know?
26-04-2017A Look into the Impact and Forecast of the European Data Economy
25-04-2017Unleashing the Single Market's Full Potential with Three Concrete Initiatives
20-04-2017New Brochure on Challenges and Opportunities of High-Tech and Leadership Skills in the EU
20-04-2017The End of Roaming Charges for Mobile Internet
19-04-2017European Parliament Confirms Importance of Digital Skills for Healthy Economy
19-04-2017The Key to a Secured Cloud for Business: the PRACTICE Project
15-04-2017Cybersecurity in 2017 eGovernment Factsheets - Europe's Waking Up
04-04-2017ITPE Members Explain Why They Have Joined ITPE
03-04-2017Interactivity and Creativity for Teachers – a Successful Example from Hungary
02-04-2017New Rolling Plan Links ICT Standardisation to Policy
02-04-2017New Sector Skills Alliance to Boost Skills of Mobile Software Developers
01-04-2017Find Out About DigComp and EntreComp at Stakeholders’ Conference
30-03-2017European Parliament Stresses Importance of Trust and Security of Big Data
29-03-201757% of IT Professionals Recognise Skills Gap in ICT Sector
27-03-2017Is Erasmus+ In Sync with Current Challenges? Give Your Opinion
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23-03-2017Next Generation Internet Consultation Results Show People’s Concern About Their Data
16-03-2017EESC Calls for More Innovation and Continuity in Education and Skills Development
07-03-2017Swiss Informatics Society Issues New Online Magazine on Informatics
04-03-2017Have Your Say on the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning
03-03-2017European Commission Finds Digital Skills Still Lacking in Many Countries
02-03-2017Cedefop Survey Confirms More Must Be Done to Bridge the Digital Divide
02-03-2017Funding Opportunity to Up- and Re-skill People at Risk of Exclusion
01-03-20171st Greek Coding Bootcamp Graduates Hired Immediately
01-03-2017Digital Technology Still a Tool, Not a Mindset
01-03-2017Provide Input to the Next Generation of European ICT Professional Profiles
28-02-2017New Project on Digital Organisational Frameworks Launched
28-02-2017Register for WCCE 2017 - IFIP TC3 World Conference on Computers in Education
27-02-2017Proper Cybersecurity Training Could Reduce Incidents by 50%, ENISA Reports
22-02-2017The Future of DigComp: Joint Position Paper
06-02-2017Submit a Forward-Looking Cooperation Project to Improve Education and Training
05-02-2017Help Build Better Cybersecurity for Europe by Becoming an ENISA NIS Expert
04-02-2017Assess Online Privacy Tools with New Framework by ENISA
04-02-2017OECD Says IT Skills Not Sufficient
04-02-2017Time to Revise EU’s Cybersecurity Strategy, says EESC
02-02-2017Improve Cybersecurity in Europe by Evaluating ENISA’s Work
01-02-2017Celebrate IT Professionals Day on 27 April
01-02-2017European Commission Calls for Proposals on Sector Skills Alliances to Tackle Skills Gaps
31-01-2017Half a Million ICT Jobs Will Still Be Vacant by 2020
30-01-2017Mika Helenius Appointed CEO of TIVIA, Finland
28-01-2017Is the European Data Economy Being Built Right? Give Your Opinion
24-01-2017EU Code Week Reaches 1 Million Participants
19-01-2017Merger Gives Rise to a New Dutch Informatics Association

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