Ethics Conferences

Ethics Conference 2015

On 7 April 2015, CEPIS gathered experts from member societies for an engaging conference and workshop on the topic of ethics in ICT. The objective of the event was to create practical tools to raise awareness and increase capability amongst members regarding ethical issues.

The focus was on concrete actions that professionals can and should take, rather than a purely theoretical approach to the matter. The conference identified initiatives that could support the ‘Framework for ICT professionalism’.

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Kai Kimppa

Future Ethical Challenges & the Task of the Professional

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Simon Rogerson

ICT Codes of Ethics

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Bernd Stahl

Emerging Ethics and Responsible Innovation in IT

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Don Gotterbarn

What is Applied Ethics Good For?

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Micro-Conference on Professional Ethics 2014

The CEPIS micro-conference on professional ethics took place in Brussels, on Thursday, 13 March 2014. Prominent experts from around the world attended this event, including Prof. Norberto Patrignani from Italy, Prof. Penny Duquenoy from the UK, and Prof. Donald Gotterbarn from the USA.

The Micro-Conference examined some key aspects of ethics from the perspective of the Professional Institution, with a view to guiding future actions. The question of equipping ICT professionals with the right tools to address ethical considerations was centre stage in these discussions.

Indeed few undergraduate courses offer modules on ethics, let alone require its study, leaving ICT professionals unprepared; many ICT advances often occur at rates faster than our ability to comprehend, and ethical questions - if considered at all - often get left behind

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Prof. Don Gotterbarn

The Conscience of Computing Professionals: a Code of Ethics

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Prof. Norberto Patrignani

Ethics in University Curricula

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Prof. Penny Duquenoy

Ethical Implications of ICT for Professional Bodies

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Ethics Micro ConferenceMicro-Conference Participants (from right to left): Igor Minic, Jos Timmermans, Kai Kimppa, Prof. Penny Duquenoy, Harald Burger, Prof. Norberto Patrignani, Declan Brady, Prof. Don Gotterbarn, and Ronald Bieber.