Women in ICT Attraction and Retention Policies


A recent study by the European Commission shows that women occupy only 21,5% of digital jobs, yet currently there are 350 000 unfilled IT jobs - a figure that will grow to half a million if the situation is not remedied. Women represent an enormous talent pool. Therefore, it is vitally important to attract girls and women to ICT careers. It is also extremely important to ensure that, once women start pursuing careers in the digital field, they continue to do so.

There are lots of initiatives to attract women to ICT and STEM careers. However, considerably less attention is paid to retaining women ICT professionals in their jobs. Women leave careers in ICT for a number of reasons - they discover that their male colleagues, and sometimes even subordinates, get paid more, there is too much bias in work environment ("bro culture"), and more general reasons, such as inflexible policies regarding maternity leave and childcare.

CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force has recently produced a set of policy recommendations for attracting and retaining women in ICT jobs.

CEPIS strongly encourages everyone to take into account these, and other similar, suggestions, in order to create a better environment for women IT professionals, thus directly benefitting the European economy and society.

Download the recommendations

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