Q1. DQ Marko I have to be a member of a CEPIS computer society to enrol as a EUCIP student?
A1. No, students do not have to be members. However, CEPIS member societies can consider bundling membership into the package. Please contact your Member Society for more information. Visit the CEPIS Website to view CEPIS computer societies.

Q2. Is my country currently offering EUCIP?
A2. Contact info@eucip.com to see if your country is offering EUCIP.

Q3. Where can I do the tests?
A3. Accreditation tests can be done at Accredited Test Centres and Learning Provider locations.

Q4. Can I do the tests from home?
A4. No. The certification tests have to be taken at Accredited Test Centres.

Q5. Are there any practice tests available?
A5. Evaluation and self tests are available over the internet either through learning providers or perhaps on a 'pay as you go' basis.

Q6. What is the cost of the complete Course?
A6. Dependent upon where you are based and the nature of the course offered, the costs will vary.

Q7. I currently manage the delivery of the ECDL, how does our training centre become an accredited Test Centre or a Learning Provider?
A7. If you would like to become a EUCIP accredited Test Centre or an accredited Learning Provider, please contact your National Operator for details. The National Operator is responsible for accreditation and details may differ slightly dependent upon where you are geographically.