CEPIS Secretary General Gives an e-CF Briefing in Athens

ecfOn 11 November 2016, CEPIS and the Hellenic Professional Informatics Society (HePIS) organised a European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) briefing in Athens, Greece, as part of the IT Professionalism Europe (ITPE) series of events on the e-CF. The event gathered 20 representatives from industry. The briefing revealed a significant appetite to learn about the e-CF and discuss its potential to provide a common language to describe the competences, skills and knowledge requirements of ICT professionals. ITPE’s Fiona Fanning introduced the e-CF, providing the context that had led to its development and detailing the work done by the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills and the CEN Technical Committee. The methodology used to develop the e-CF was also explained. In addition, as attendees expressed an interest in the practicalities of e-CF usage and application, pragmatic examples of the e-CF in action, from both an industry and an education provider’s perspective, were provided.

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