European Commission Launches Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

EC logoOn 1 December 2016, the European Commission together with Member States, NGOs, education providers, companies and other partners, launched the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. It is one of the ten most important initiatives previewed in the New Skills Agenda. The main goal of the Coalition is to diminish the digital skills gap, thus boosting economy and helping Europeans improve their daily lives and careers. The Coalition aims to achieve the following results by 2020: have a national digital skills coalition in every EU Member State, train 1 million unemployed young people for vacant digital jobs, support upskilling and retraining of the workforce, modernise education and training and efficiently use available funding to support digital skills. The European Commission is inviting all stakeholders to join the Coalition and take action to reduce the digital skills gaps in Europe. Organisations joining the Coalition are asked to endorse the objectives and principles of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Members Charter and encouraged to make pledges for action in the areas identified in the Charter. 39 organisations, including CEPIS, have already come forward and made 43. A description of all pledges is available here. If your organisation wishes to make a pledge to the Coalition you can do so on the Coalition's website here.

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