European Commission Releases Interim Report on Framework for IT Profession

European CommissionThe European Commission has published an interim report on the development and implementation of a European framework for the IT profession. The report introduces a wide-ranging European Framework for the IT Profession, the aim of which is to mature the IT profession, thereby increasing the number of IT professionals and minimizing discrepancies that lead to unnecessary unemployment. The framework aspires to be “more than the sum of its parts” and focuses on the user. Its main strength is that it is valuable at every stage of an IT professional’s career and is highly flexible, thus being able to adapt to the rapid changes in the IT sector. The report presents examples of how it can establish synergies between IT practitioners and users in education, government, certification providers, employers and professional association. Finally, there is a substantial list of possible actions that, if implemented, contribute towards two sub-goals of maturing the IT profession. The first is further development of the building blocks of the Framework (similarly to the European e-Competence Framework). The second is the adoption of the Framework itself in European countries and it being used in practice

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