ITU Girls in ICT Day to Take Place in April 2016

ITUThe ICT sector is no exception to the popular misconception that “technology is for men”. It is not only men who think that; many women do not even consider entering the ICT field. It is an opportunity missed: the job prospects for highly qualified individuals in the ICT sector are excellent. Girls and young women should be encouraged to pursue ICT studies and careers, and that is exactly what the Girls in ICT initiative, created by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and backed by all ITU Member States, aims to achieve. The biggest part of the initiative is the annual Girls in ICT Day which will take place on 28th April. All stakeholders are encouraged to organize different activities and events on and around that date. Since 2011, when the first Girls in ICT Day was organized, more than 177 000 girls and young women have participated in more than 5,300 events in 150 countries.

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