CEPIS at EDISON Project Workshop

edisonCEPIS participated in a panel at the EDISON Workshop on Data Infrastructure Competences and Skills Framework on 9 February in Brussels. EDISON is pursuing the establishment of the 'Data Scientist' as a new profession. The project started in September 2015. One of the key deliverables is the definition of a Data Science Competence Framework (CF-DS), compatible with the e-CF. The CF-DS and a Data Science skills taxonomy will provide the basis for defining a Data Science Body of Knowledge and a Data Science Model Curriculum. The workshop reviews the main initiatives and projects in the digital infrastructure ecosystem and mapped their contributions to the definition of an ambitious European framework for developing skills and competences. The purpose is to raise awareness of the importance and value of the Data Scientist profession especially in the context of European research data infrastructure, involve multiple stakeholders in discussions about the competences and skills required for Data Infrastructures, and establish a coordination framework between data infrastructures and related projects, as well as key industry partners with respect to the Data Scientist profession.

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