2015 News Archive

18-12-2015Public Consultation on Future Public-Private Partnership on Cybersecurity
16-12-2015ENISA Report on Approaches to Information Sharing on Cyber Incidents
15-12-2015Agreement Found on European Commission's EU Data Protection Reform
15-12-2015Latest Forecasts Predict 756,000 Unfilled ICT Vacancies by 2020
08-12-2015Agreement on First EU-Wide Legislation on Cybersecurity
30-11-2015Byron Nicolaides Inaugurated As The New CEPIS President
26-11-2015CITA Celebrates its 40th Anniversary
18-11-2015European Data Portal to Offer Access to Data Published By Administrations
17-11-2015European Parliament Study Finds Demand for High-Skilled ICT Workers Will Increase
02-11-2015European Commission is Consulting on Next eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020
29-10-2015e-CF Voted to Become a European Standard
26-10-2015Contribute to JISA’s Diskobolos Awards
15-10-2015Call for Tender on Ethical Dimensions of IT Technologies Announced
14-10-2015ECDL Foundation Publish a Position Paper on e-Skills at School
14-10-2015European Commission Invests €16 Billion in Funding over Next 2 Years under H2020
14-10-2015Ngi-NGN Appoints Digital Transformation Thought Leader
07-10-2015Call for Events for FedCSIS 2016
07-10-2015Call for Papers for UTmessan 2016
07-10-2015OECD Paper Discusses the Implications of Data-Driven Innovation on Skills & Employment
01-10-2015EU Commission Launches a Public Consultation on Standards for the Digital Single Market
30-09-2015October is European Cyber Security Month
11-09-2015Public Consultation on the Needs for Internet Speed and Quality Beyond 2020
10-09-20152015 Women in IT Scorecard Reveals That Just 17% of UK IT Specialists Are Women
29-07-2015Participate in the eSkills for Jobs 2015 European Video Competition
22-07-2015Report Finds Retailers Need to Attract Staff with Digital Skills to Boost Productivity
16-07-2015Employment in the ICT Sector Accounts for Almost 3% of Employment in the OECD
15-07-2015Less Than 40% of TALIS Teachers Use ICT as a Regular Part of Their Teaching Practice
15-07-2015New Report Calls for Training and Support for ICT Administrators in Schools
30-06-2015Cedefop Sees Employment in the EU28+ ICT Sector Grow by 8.7% by 2025
30-06-2015Report Highlights the Role of ICT in Supporting Employability of Immigrants in the EU
24-06-2015OECD Study Reveals That Having Digital Skills Can Lead to More Job Opportunities
24-06-2015Report Reveals Only 57% of Public Services Are Available to Cross-Border Businesses
19-06-2015Digital Agenda Scoreboard 2015 Reveals Growing Demand for ICT Professionals
18-06-20154 National Coalitions for Digital Jobs Launched in Belgium, Cyprus, Netherlands & UK
17-06-2015CEPIS Releases a Code of Best Practices for Green ICT
15-06-2015eskills4jobs Campaign in Latvia Leads to a New Educational Standard
12-06-2015Eastern Partnership Ministerial Meeting Affirms its Commitment to the Digital Economy
05-06-2015European Parliament Study Sees Severe Skills Mismatches in ICT Sector
29-05-2015AICA Held a Conference on Ethics & ICT in Turin
20-05-2015Call for Papers for ItAIS 2015
20-05-2015Klaus Brunnstein - Rest in Peace
08-05-2015CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark Makes Its Television Debut
07-05-2015EC Seeks More Women Experts
07-05-2015European Commission Unveils Its Digital Single Market Strategy
06-05-2015Report Says Digital Illiteracy Impeding 60% of Global Population from Going Online
05-05-2015The European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge is Now Available
04-05-2015CEPIS Adopts a Position on the Electronic Identification and Trust Services
24-04-2015ICS Launches IT Professionals Day on April 27
13-04-2015LIKS to Hold its 'Computer Days' in September
10-04-2015Next Bebras Competition International Task Workshop to Take Place in Austria in May
09-04-2015New EC Study on Digital Skills in the Workplace
08-04-2015European Data Protection Supervisor Unveils a Five Year Strategy Plan
07-04-2015The European Commission has Published 34 National eGovernment Factsheets
06-04-2015The European Commission says NO to all-male panels at tech events
03-04-2015Grand Coalition Launches "Toolkit for National & Local Coalitions"
02-04-2015CEPIS LSI Chair, Kai Rannenberg Appointed to ENISA’s Permanent Stakeholders’ Group for 2015-2017
01-04-2015Launch of New Campaign: e-Skills for Jobs 2015
20-03-2015mHealth in Europe: Consultation Results Now Available
19-03-2015ECDL Tips for Staying Safe Online
18-03-2015Cyber Security: Where Are We in 2015?
17-03-2015CCS Invite Professor Liz Bacon to Discuss Attracting & Retaining Women in IT
17-03-2015FedCSIS 2015: Call for Papers
16-03-2015ICS Launches Its Second Tech Week in April
13-03-2015GI Calls for Complete Data Encryption for All
12-03-2015TIVIA Publishes Its Annual Barometer on IT Use by Finnish Businesses
11-03-2015Call for Tender: Promotion of e-Leadership Skills in Europe
10-03-2015Top Tips from Per Andersen on Cloud Computing Contracts
09-03-2015How Digital Is Your Country?
16-02-2015CEPIS’ Secretary General to moderate a session at 'e-Skills for Jobs 2015' Conference
05-02-2015EC: Digital Single Market Strategy is a Priority in 2015
04-02-2015New Call for Tender on a European Framework for the ICT Profession
03-02-2015ICS Launches New Programme to Help Graduates Build Strong Professionals Skills
01-02-2015New ECDL Foundation Position Paper: The Fallacy of the 'Digital Native'
31-01-2015Over 12,000 Students Involved in the Italian Olympiad in Informatics Co-Organised by AICA
30-01-2015Top Concerns for Digital Leaders in 2015: Security, Loss of Data and Cloud Security
29-01-201565% of EU Citizens Use the Internet Every Day
27-01-2015UTmessan Conference Expected to Attract Large Crowds in Iceland
25-01-2015Only 19% Companies Used Cloud Computing Services in 2014
20-01-2015Register for the Digital EU Stakeholder Forum – Brussels, 24 February
08-01-2015Save the Date: ABC4Trust Summit Event, January 20, Brussels