2014 News Archive

09-12-2014CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark Reveals that 77% of ICT Professionals Face Competence Gap
08-12-2014Infographic: How Big is Europe's e-Competence Gap?
06-12-2014CEPIS Secretary General at European e-Skills 2014 Conference
04-12-2014CEPIS Execom Elections 2014 - Results
03-12-2014Latest LSI SIN Statement Approved at 53rd Council Meeting
02-12-2014Number of Computer Science Students Jumps by 2.6% in Germany, Says GI
01-12-2014Save the Date: 13th AAATE Conference Co-Organised by CEPIS Member in Hungary, 9-12 September 2015
29-11-2014Photo Gallery: 53rd CEPIS Council Meeting & 25th Anniversary Event
25-11-2014Participate in the SOFSEM2015 Conference Organised by CEPIS Member in Czech Republic
22-11-2014BCSWomen Receives International Award from ITU in Recognition of their Work
13-11-2014Exploring the International Dimension and Impact of Globalisation on e-Skills in Europe
12-11-2014CEPIS Becomes Official Liaison Organisation with CEN
11-11-20143rd Edition of e-Skills Manifesto Urges to Mature the ICT Profession
10-11-2014CEPIS Awards the European Digital Girl of the Year at the e-Skills for Jobs High-Level Conference
09-11-2014AICA Working with Italian Ministry of Education on Computing in Schools
08-11-2014Call for Proposals: Sector Skills Alliance in the ICT Sector
08-11-2014Contribute to JISA’s Diskobolos Awards
07-11-2014ATIC Presents the History of Computing in Romania
07-11-2014CEPIS Exploring Ethical Questions in ICT
06-11-2014EC Announces €2.5 Billion Partnership to Master Big Data
28-10-2014Save the Date: EQANIE Workshop on Informatics Accreditation, 13 October, Wroclaw
01-10-2014Günther Oettinger to Lead on Digital Economy & Society in New Commission
30-09-2014BCS Magazine Investigates Ethical Issues Raised by Drones and Robots
29-09-2014EC Grants €90 Million to Innovative Tech Start-ups and SMEs
23-09-2014Discover ICS’s ICT Professionalism Project
22-09-2014Have Your Say on Cloud Computing and Software
20-09-2014Call for Events: 2015 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems
18-09-2014Over 800 Coding Events to Take Place During the EU Code Week 2015
05-09-2014Number of ICT Students Jumps by 3% in Denmark Since 2013
03-09-2014Discover FIPA’s Mentoring Programme
01-09-2014Call for Papers: UTmessan Conference Organised by CEPIS Member in Iceland
29-08-2014Save the Date: European e-Skills 2014 Conference, 2-3 December, Brussels
27-08-201495% Say That a Single Foundational BoK is Needed for Europe's ICT Profession
25-08-2014ICT Innovation Vouchers Soon Available in More European Regions
23-08-2014New EU-Wide Logo and Standards to Curb Privacy Risks Related to RFID Chips
01-08-2014Meet Germany’s Top Digital Leaders
31-07-2014New Informatics@School Task Force in Switzerland
30-07-2014BCS Launches Video Campaign on Career Advice
29-07-2014EC Announces ‘Fast Track to Innovation’ Scheme Worth €100 Million
28-07-2014OCG Grants Roland Wagner Award on Computers Helping People with Special Needs
27-07-2014ATI Among Pioneers of Spanish Web
26-07-2014More Europeans Ditch Landlines for Mobiles and VoIP Alternatives
25-07-2014Paper Submission Reminder (15th August) – SOFSEM 2015 Conference Organised by CSKI in Czech Republic
24-07-2014IVI Autumn Summit 2014 - Enterprise Capability: Enabling Digital Business Leadership
23-07-2014Nominate the Digital Girl and Women of the Year Before 16th Sept.
03-07-2014Videos: How Can We Build a Better Gender Balance in ICT?
02-07-2014Growth of ICT Workforce Accelerates in Europe, Says New Report
01-07-2014EU Teams Up with South Korea to Develop 5G Standards
30-06-2014CEPIS at the Council of Europe's Conference of INGOs
29-06-2014ATI Joins the e-Skills for Jobs Campaign in Spain
28-06-2014Take Part in the EC’s Regional Cluster Events on e-Leadership Curricula
27-06-2014Video: The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, One Year On
26-06-2014Save the Date: EU Code Week 2014, 11-17 October
17-06-2014Digital Agenda for Europe Scoreboard: How Does Your Country Rank?
17-06-2014New CEPIS Women in ICT Role Models Interviews
15-06-2014VRI Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with a Conference on Ethics and IT
14-06-20148 in 10 Say the IT Profession Would Benefit From Having More Women, Says BCS Survey
13-06-2014Call for Papers - SOFSEM2015 Conference Organised by CEPIS Member in Czech Republic
12-06-2014EC Consults on Horizon 2020 and Future and Emerging Technologies
11-06-2014Find Partners for Your Horizon 2020 Funded Project at the ICT Proposers’ Day 2014
10-06-2014EC Launches €2.8 bn Research and Innovation Programme in Robotics
09-06-2014Save the Date: ICT Mobility Day – 25 June, Amsterdam
12-05-2014London, Munich and Paris are Europe's Top 3 ICT Hubs
09-05-2014Save the Date: EC Organising 10 Regional Cluster Events on e-Leadership Curricula
08-05-2014What Will the Digital World be Like in 2030?
07-05-2014E-Skills Week Launch Event: Mobilising to Upskill the Workforce with ICT
06-05-2014CEPIS LSI SIN Chair at the Annual Privacy Forum 2014 – 21 May, Athens
05-05-2014Local and National Coalitions Join the EC Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs
02-05-2014Have Your Say on the Europe 2020 Strategy
30-04-2014ATI Supports Spanish Programme to Get Women Back to Work
29-04-2014At Least 10% of Adults Lack Elementary Computer Skills, says OECD Report
28-04-2014CEPIS Member in Iceland Celebrates Girls in ICT Day
25-04-2014LIKTA Organises 2014 Latvian e-Skills Week
09-04-2014Watch the Keynote Presentations of the CEPIS Professional Ethics Micro-Conference
08-04-2014Share an Example of Computing in Schools Good Practice
06-04-2014Digital Agenda for Europe on Track to Deliver its Targets
03-04-2014Nominations for the Ada Awards 2014 to Open on 4 April
02-04-2014OCG Report Shows Austrians Have Good Internet Skills but Basic Skills Gap Are Prevalent
01-04-2014ICS Part of Ireland’s ICT Skills Action Plan
31-03-2014Shape EC Actions on Cloud Computing
30-03-2014Mobile Internet Booms in Europe While Broadband Stagnates
13-03-2014Version 3.0 of the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) Now Available
12-03-2014Get Your Free Tickets to Hannover Messe 2014!
11-03-2014Iceland: Successful UTmessan Event Reaches Over 9,000 People
10-03-2014Code Cyprus 2014 to Inspire the Next Generation of Computer Scientists
07-03-2014Measuring Progress of e-Skills for Jobs in Europe
06-03-2014Poll: Does Europe's ICT Profession Need a Single Foundational BoK?
05-03-2014Austrian Computer Society (OCG) Takes Part in the Long Night of Research
04-03-2014EU’s App Sector Could Employ 4.8 Million People by 2018, Says New Report
03-03-2014ICS Launches 2014 Scratch Competition
28-02-2014European Commission Calls for a Reform of Internet Governance
19-02-2014e-Skills for Jobs Campaign 2014
17-02-2014EC Says CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark Sets Example for Beating the ICT Skills Gap
14-02-2014CEPIS to Help Steer New Research on the Promotion of ICT Professionalism and Bodies of Knowledge
13-02-2014CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark Now Available in +70 Languages
12-02-2014E-Skills International Conference - 26 March, Brussels
11-02-2014Be a Part of the e-Skills for Jobs Campaign 2014!
10-02-2014New CEPIS Women in ICT Role Models Interview
07-02-2014HEPIS to Train 200 Greek Women in Basic ICT Skills
06-02-2014FIPA, the Finnish CEPIS Member Society, Publishes IT Barometer on the Importance of IT in Finland
05-02-2014New Report Says Skills Shortage Is Causing Major Business Problems
04-02-2014Measuring ICT Employment in Europe
03-02-2014A Not-So-Short History of the Information Systems Field
31-01-2014Internet Access and Use in 2013: Digital Divides Persist
01-12-2012Infographic: Energy Efficient Entreprise in Europe