2013 News Archive

19-12-201310th Anniversary of the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills
06-12-2013AICA Event on Computer Ethics: Social and Ethical Aspects of the Digital Revolution
05-12-2013ICS’ Computing Curriculum Rolled Out in 70 Irish Schools
04-12-2013Austrian Computer Society (OCG) Warns Against Inadequate Online Surveillance Practices
03-12-2013Record-High Freshmen Enrolled in Computer Science in Germany
02-12-2013Get Ready for UTmessan 2014
29-11-2013Successful Bebras Contest in Austria
28-11-2013Growing Demand for ICT Workers May Results in Skills Shortage, Confirms New EU Report
27-11-2013Horizon 2020 National Launch Events
18-11-2013EC Vice President Neelie Kroes Awards the Digital Women of the Year at ICT2013
14-11-2013Lithuanian Computer Society Signs the National Digital Coalition in Vilnius at ICT 2013
13-11-2013Slovak Society for Computer Science Pledges to Shape Slovakia’s Digital Future
12-11-2013Europe’s Leaders Prioritize ICT Skills
11-11-2013Privacy and New Technologies: NovATIca’s Special English Edition
08-11-2013Discover ESCO, a New Classification to Help Tackle Labour Market Mismatches
07-11-2013Join the Europe Code Week
06-11-2013Proposed IT Capability Maturity Framework for SMEs
05-11-2013BCS Awarding £25,000 Scholarships to Increase the Number of Computing Teachers in the UK
29-10-2013Francisco Lopez Crespo Receives the CEPIS ICT Professionalism Award
03-10-2013Digital Woman Award Under the Patronage of EC Vice President Neelie Kroes
02-10-2013HEPIS Submits the 40th Pledge to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs
30-09-2013A Green ICT Code of Good Practice for Organisations? 93% Say Yes
27-09-2013FIPA Investigates Salaries of IT Professionals in Finland
26-09-2013Education and Skills are Top Priorities for Europe’s Tech Entrepreneurs
25-09-2013EC Announces Plans for a Single Telecoms Market
24-09-2013Save the Date: European e-Skills 2013 Conference, 10 December, Brussels
23-09-2013Mobile Threats and Social Media Identity Thefts Are Among Top Cyber Threats
20-09-2013Broadband Access: Where Does Your Country Rank?
05-09-2013Computing in Schools in Your Country
04-09-2013Last Chance to Nominate the Digital Woman of the Year
03-09-2013Dansk IT, the Danish CEPIS Member Society, Investigates IT Project Failures
02-09-2013Europe is Increasingly Online but Citizens are Concerned About Bandwidth Speed and Cost
30-08-2013EC Invests €13.7 Million to Boost Cross-Border Digital Public Service
29-08-2013ICT2013 Event Set to Bring Together Over 4000 Participants in Vilnius
28-08-2013Study Sheds Light on the Measurement the ICT Sector’s Carbon Footprint
07-08-2013CEPIS Members: What is the Status of Computing in Schools in Your Country?
05-08-2013EC Call for Tenders: ICT Professionalism, e-Leadership for SMEs, and e-Skills for Jobs Campaign
02-08-2013Save the Date: 51(13) CEPIS Council Meeting, November 21, Brussels
01-08-2013Swiss Informatics to Promote Software Specialist Titles
31-07-2013Participate in the survey: International Dimension of e-skills and ICT Professionalism
30-07-2013Next Meetings of the Computing in Schools SIN
29-07-2013CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force Welcomes New Members
26-07-2013Nominate the Digital Woman of the Year!
25-07-2013PIPS Signs Poland’s National Digital Jobs Coalition
24-07-2013NJSZT Inaugurates Exhibition on the History of Computing
22-07-2013What are the Future Grand Challenges of Computer Science?
19-07-2013Enhancing Digital Literacy is a Priority for Local and Regional Authorities in the EU
18-07-2013EU Announces €22 Billion Investment in Research and Innovation
17-07-2013Digital Skills for Jobs & Learning Report from the Digital Agenda Assembly 2013
16-07-2013New EU Rules to Tackle Cybercrime
05-07-2013CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark in 20 Countries
04-07-2013CEPIS Launches Digital Woman Awards
03-07-2013Video: CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark and the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs
02-07-2013CEPIS at the CEN European Standards for Digital Skills Event
01-07-2013Proposal for New CEN Project Committee on ICT Professions
28-06-2013CEPIS at the Digital Agenda Assembly
27-06-2013ICS Promoting Career Opportunities in IT with the Choose IT Campaign
26-06-2013German CEPIS Member VDE Launches New Portal on STEM Careers
25-06-2013Successful GetBusy Initiative in Greece
24-06-2013Call for Papers - SOFSEM2014 Conference Organised by CEPIS Member in Slovakia
21-06-2013ICS Video on ICT Professionalism
07-06-2013Growing Demand of the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark
06-06-2013New CEPIS Women in ICT Role Models Interview
05-06-201315% Believe Professional Ethics in ICT Do Not Matter
04-06-2013GI Launches Advisory Board to Reform ICT Training
03-06-2013Over 20,000 Students Participated in PIPS’ National ICT Competition
31-05-2013CEPIS Meeting with Members of the Council of Europe's Conference of INGO’s
30-05-2013 Invitation to CEN Event on European Standards for Digital Skills
29-05-2013Infographic: EU Data Protection Reform, the Perspective of ICT Professionals
28-05-2013Third Digital Agenda Assembly
27-05-2013Discover the New European Industrial Strategy for Electronics
24-05-2013EC Seeks to Monitor Online Vacancies for ICT Practitioners
23-05-2013European e-Government Services Still Need to Improve
22-05-2013New Project to Study the Usage of Tablets in the Classroom
08-05-201350(13) CEPIS Spring Council Draft Minutes and Presentations Now Available
07-05-2013European e-Competence Framework to Become a European Standard
06-05-2013CEPIS at the EU Parliamentary Hearing on Women in ICT
03-05-2013Join the Virtual Meeting of the Computing in Schools SIN
02-05-2013CEPIS Green ICT Task Force to Develop a Code of Good Practice
30-04-2013Participate in the CEPIS Research Task Force
29-04-2013New CEPIS Statement on the Future EU Data Protection Regulation
26-04-2013New Position Paper on ICT Training for Teachers from OCG
25-04-2013Swiss Informatics Celebrates its 30th Anniversary
24-04-2013Digitally Skilled Teachers are Key to Drive the Use ICT in the Classroom
23-04-2013Committee of the Regions: No Cloud Computing Without ICT Education and Culture
20-04-2013Infographic: Building the Gender Balance in the ICT Profession
04-04-201350(13) Council Meeting: 20 April in Dubrovnik, Croatia
03-04-2013CEPIS at the EeSA Board of Directors Meeting
02-04-2013New CEPIS Women in ICT Role Models Interviews
29-03-2013CEPIS Computing in Schools SIN Meeting
28-03-2013CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force Releases Position Statement
27-03-2013F1 in Schools Initiative: ICS Inspiring Youth to Pursue STEM Studies
26-03-2013German Informatics Awards Students with the InformatiCup Prize
25-03-2013LIKTA at the 2013 Northern Future Forum
22-03-2013ICS Conference on Data Protection
21-03-2013LIKTA Organises 2013 Latvian e-Skills Week
20-03-2013EC Consults Stakeholders on ICT-Driven Public Sector Innovation
19-03-2013EC to Tackle Broadband Roll-out Costs
18-03-2013Measuring the Carbon Footprint of the ICT Sector
11-03-2013Discover the CEPIS Women in ICT Role Models Platform
08-03-201350(13) CEPIS Spring Council - Registration
07-03-2013Save the Date: CEPIS Computing in Schools SIN Meeting, March 20, Brussels
06-03-2013CEPIS Micro-Conference on Ethics
06-03-2013Visit the Computer History Museum in Szeged, Hungary
05-03-2013German Informatics Partners with Academy Cube Initiative to Help Skill the ICT Professional Europe Needs
04-03-2013FIPA, the Finnish CEPIS Member Society, Publishes IT Barometer on the Importance of IT in Finland
01-03-2013CEPIS And Europe’s National Professional Informatics Societies to Launch the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark in Support of the European Commission’s Grand Coalition
01-03-2013New Poll: Do professional ethics in ICT matter?
28-02-2013CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark to be Launched in Support of Grand Coalition
28-02-2013Iceland: UTmessan Event Reaches Over 5000 People
27-02-2013European e-Competence Framework Pledge in Support of Grand Coalition
27-02-2013Visit the Computer History Museum in Szeged, Hungary
26-02-2013Help Improve European Commission’s DG Connect Metrics
25-02-2013LIKS Computer Days 2013
22-02-2013CCS Launches Bebras Contest in Cyprus
21-02-2013ITU Report Shows Strong Demand for ICT Services in Europe
20-02-2013Compulsory Computing in Schools? 83% Say Yes
19-02-2013EC Invests €50 Million in 5G Research
18-02-2013Digital Champions Video
13-02-2013CEPIS Supports EC Call for Action to Boost Digital Jobs Creation
12-02-2013The International Dimension of e-Skills and the Impact of Globalisation
11-02-2013CEPIS at European Conference on Quality Labels for ICT Industry Certifications
08-02-2013Join the CEPIS Computing in Schools SIN Meeting
07-02-2013Give Your Feedback on the European e-Competence Framework
06-02-2013Share Your Society's 2013 Priorities
05-02-2013Digital Agenda for Europe Priorities for 2013-14
04-02-2013German Informatics Fostering Dialogue between Internet and Society
01-02-2013ICS Launches 2013 Scratch Competition
31-01-2013HEPIS Empowering Youth with GetBusy
30-01-2013Privacy Principles for Social Networks
29-01-2013GI: Teaching the Societal Effects of Computer Science
28-01-2013EU Skills Panorama to Prevent Skills Mismatches
25-01-2013What is 'Best Practice'?
24-01-20131 Out of 4 Europeans Never Uses the Internet
23-01-2013Diskobolos Awards 2012
22-01-2013Discover the Code of EU Online Rights
21-01-2013European Cybercrime Centre Opens
16-01-2013Give Your Feedback on the European e-Competence Framework