2012 News Archive

10-12-201249(12) CEPIS Autumn Council - Presentations Now Available
07-12-2012CEPIS Execom Elections 2012 - Results
06-12-2012Join the CEPIS Computing in Schools SIN
05-12-2012CEPIS Micro-Conference on Ethics - February 13th, Brussels
04-12-2012CEPIS Council Meetings in 2013
03-12-2012EC Launches the Rethinking Education Strategy
30-11-2012Teaching of ICT Skills is Lagging in Europe
29-11-2012Visit the Museum of Computer History in Szeged, Hungary!
28-11-2012CEPIS Task Force Member: Saskia Van Uffelen appointed Belgian Digital Champion
27-11-2012Committee of the Regions Conference on New Skills and Jobs
26-11-2012EC Wants Public Sector Websites to be Accessible to All
23-11-2012New ENISA Reports on Data Protection
22-11-2012Study Calls for Increased Web Accessibility to Boost Online Sales
21-11-2012Call for Events: 2013 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems
20-11-2012Broadband Internet Access Costs and Offers in Europe
19-11-2012Europeans Still Favour TV over Internet to Access Content
14-11-201249(12) CEPIS Autumn Council - 22 November, Brussels
13-11-2012CEPIS Research Actions - Share Your Priorities
12-11-2012Suggest a Woman in ICT Role Model!
09-11-2012German Informatics Calls for Open Government
08-11-2012German CEPIS Member VDE Publishes New Position Papers
07-11-2012CEPIS Computing Schools Meeting - Update
06-11-2012CEPIS Highlights Need for ICT Skills at European Job Days
05-11-2012European SME Week - Female Entrepreneurship and the Role of ICT
02-11-2012Poll: Should Computing Science be Compulsory in Secondary Schools?
31-10-2012Help improve the European Commission DG Connect
30-10-2012European Conference on European Quality Labels for ICT Industry Certifications
29-10-2012Horizon 2020 and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology
26-10-2012EC Consultation on Future and Emerging Technologies
25-10-2012Bring-Your-Own-Device Trend Puts Data Safety at Risk
24-10-2012Information Society Progress Update in EU Enlargement Countries
23-10-2012Cyber Exercises More Frequent in Europe
22-10-2012Greater Spectrum for 4G to Speed up Mobile Broadband in Europe
10-10-201249(12) CEPIS Autumn Council - Registration Open
09-10-2012CEPIS Professional Ethics Repository
08-10-2012CEPIS at ICT Competitiveness Week
08-10-2012CEPIS Research Actions - Share Your Priorities
06-10-2012Poll: Attracting Young People to ICT Careers
05-10-2012Connecting Europe Facility - €50 Billion to Stimulate Europe’s Networks
04-10-2012Digital Agenda for Europe Going Local Forum – Riga, Latvia
03-10-2012News from the Spanish Member Society - ATI
02-10-2012FedCSIS 2012 - Conference Report
01-10-2012Formal Training Best Way to Counter ICT Skills Obsolescence
30-09-2012EC Cloud Computing Strategy to Create 2.5 million jobs in Europe
29-09-2012European Cyber Security Month
28-09-2012CEPIS Professional Ethics Repository Launched
28-09-2012Majority of Europeans Favour Use of Robots
27-09-2012EC Rules on Cross-Border Electronic Identification - Impact Assessment
26-09-20126th Novática Award Granted to Green ICT Research Paper
18-09-2012Save the Date: 49(12) CEPIS Autumn Council, November 22, Brussels
17-09-2012CEPIS Execom Elections - Nominations Open until Sept. 22!
16-09-2012Have Your Say on Computing in Schools - October 10, Brussels
14-09-2012CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force - Role Model Interviews
13-09-2012CEPIS at the World Computer Congress
12-09-2012CEPIS at CONFENIS 2012
11-09-2012German Informatics Organises Computer Science Competition for Young People
10-09-2012International Olympiad in Informatics Co-Organised by AICA
09-09-2012ECDL Acknowledged in EC Analysis of Digital Competence Frameworks
08-09-2012EC Consultation on Open Education Resources
08-09-2012EU Legislation Increases Cyber Incident Reporting
07-09-2012EC Consultation - Improving Network and Information Security in the EU
06-09-2012Call for Tender - Study on Web Apps in Europe
06-09-2012ICT Proposers' Day 2012 - Registration Still Open!
05-09-2012October is European Cyber Security Month
01-09-2012Discover the 'IT Is Cool' Initiative
06-08-2012CEPIS Execom Elections – Nominations Now Open!
05-08-2012CEPIS Meeting on Education: Computing in Schools
04-08-2012Central European Olympiad in Informatics Hosted by NJSzT
03-08-2012Call for Proposals – ICT Cooperation Programme
02-08-2012EC Invests €8.1 Billion in Research and Innovation to Boost Europe’s Growth
01-08-2012CEPIS at WCC2012
31-07-2012Register to the ICT Proposers’ Day 2012
30-07-2012Call for Tender - Digital Agenda Policy Engagement Research
29-07-2012Call for Proposals – Study on Women Active in the ICT Sector
29-07-2012EU Citizens Feel Threatened by Cyber Crime
28-07-2012Skills Shortage Forces Organisations to Adopt Talent Development Strategies
27-07-2012Call for Proposals – ARTEMIS Embedded Computing Systems Initiative
26-07-2012EC Consultation on Preservation of the Open Internet
25-07-2012OECD Skills Strategy launched
24-07-2012A different Olympics came to Hungary – hosted by John von Neumann Computer Society
23-07-2012Discover the EY2012 Awards
22-07-2012EC Consultation on Network and Information Security
09-07-2012Call for Tender – Study on Social Innovation in the Digital Agenda
08-07-2012Call for Tender - e-Skills: Monitoring and Benchmarking Policies and Partnerships
07-07-2012Call for Tender - e-Skills: International Dimension and Impact of Globalisation
06-07-2012Call for Tender - e-Skills: European Guidelines and Quality Labels for New Curricula
05-07-2012CEPIS at Second Digital Agenda Assembly
04-07-2012CEPIS e-Competence Research presented CISTI 2012 Conference
03-07-2012CEPIS at EC Forum on Vocational Training
02-07-2012German Informatics Committed to Increase Energy Efficiency
01-07-2012CEPIS Supports the Annual Privacy Forum
30-06-2012CONFENIS 2012 - Registration Now Open!
29-06-2012Join the CEPIS Research Task Force!
28-06-2012Citizens Demand Same Data Rights Across the EU – Survey Reveals
27-06-2012EC Consultation on a ‘Clean and Open Internet’
26-06-2012Launch of Next Internet Protocol IPv6
25-06-2012EC Regulation to Enable Cross-Border Electronic Signatures
24-06-2012EC Funds Project on Digital Preservation
21-06-2012EQANIE Expands Internationally with BCS to Award Euro-Inf Label
08-06-2012CEPIS Fostering ICT Professionalism in Europe
07-06-201248(12) CEPIS Council Draft Minutes and Presentations Now Available
05-06-2012Join the CEPIS Task Force on Education
04-06-2012CEPIS Green ICT Survey on Energy Efficiency - Report
03-06-2012CISTI 2012 Programme Now Available! Reduced Registration Fee for CEPIS Members
02-06-2012Engage in the Digital Agenda Assembly Online Platform
01-06-2012Call for Papers - Annual Privacy Forum 2012
31-05-2012Dynamic e-Skills Week Activities in Spain
30-05-2012DG INFSO becomes DG Connect
29-05-2012EC Rolls Out New Strategy for a Safer Internet
28-05-2012EC Consultation: Public Funding of Broadband Networks
28-05-2012EC Consultation: Public Funding of Broadband Networks
27-05-2012Become the Face of European Security Month!
09-05-2012CEPIS Signs the Copenhagen Declaration on Growth and Jobs
08-05-2012ICT Sector is Key for Europe’s Job-rich Recovery
07-05-2012Attracting Young People to ICT Careers
06-05-2012EC Research Reveals Decreasing Share of ICT Students in Europe
05-05-2012Get Involved in the Second Digital Agenda Assembly
04-05-2012Electronic Procurement to Save €100 Billion per Year
02-05-2012Give Your Opinion on the Internet of Things
01-05-2012Call for Proposals - Knowledge Alliances
04-04-2012CEPIS Awards Education Grants to Exceptional Girls in IT
03-04-201248(12) Council in Milan – Registration is Now Open!
03-04-2012CEPIS and Professional e-Competence in Europe – New Interactive Presentation
02-04-2012CEPIS Micro-Conference on Women in ICT
01-04-2012CEPIS Meets with Deputy Director-General of DG Enterprise & Industry
31-03-2012CEPIS LSI SIN Meeting
30-03-2012Workers' Lack of ICT skills can Contribute to a Productivity Loss of up to €19.3 Billion per Annum
29-03-2012CEPIS and Quality Labels for Industry-based Training and Certification
28-03-2012CEN Workshop on ICT Skills
27-03-2012ENISA Study Reveals Inconsistencies in Collection and Storage of Personal Data
26-03-2012EC Consultation: Gender Imbalance in Corporate Boards
25-03-2012Call for Experts: ENISA Permanent Stakeholders Group
08-03-2012Save the Date! 48(12) CEPIS Spring Council – May 5, Milan – New Date
07-03-2012Take Part in the CEPIS Micro-Conference on Women in ICT
06-03-2012CEPIS Sponsors Girls in IT Award of e-Skills Week 2012 Competition
05-03-2012CEPIS Visits German Informatics (GI)
04-03-2012President Barroso Calls on Member States to Appoint National Digital Champions
03-03-2012Get Involved in European e-Skills Week 2012
02-03-2012e-Skills for Green ICT, Cloud and Cyber Security
01-03-2012Digital Trends 2011 – Findings Now Published in English
29-02-2012Enter the 2012 e-Inclusion Awards!
28-02-2012Join the Digital Agenda Community
27-02-2012CEDEFOP Report Shows Increase in National Qualifications Frameworks
26-02-2012Four-Year Action Plan Launched on Active and Healthy Ageing
25-02-2012EC to Award Innovative EU-Funded Regional Projects
24-02-2012Completion of e-Communications Single Market Could Generate €110 Billion per Year
16-02-2012Call for Experts by CEN ICT Skills Workshop for European e-Competence Framework v.3 Project Team
08-02-2012CEPIS e-Skills and ICT Professionalism Project presented at the European Commission
07-02-2012CEPIS Women in ICT Micro-Conference
06-02-2012Attracting Young People to ICT Careers
05-02-2012Provide your Expertise and Shape the Future of Qualifications in Europe – Quality Labels Study
04-02-2012Final Issue of CEPIS UPGRADE Now Available - Risk Management
03-02-2012Report Shows Digital Agenda for Europe’s Progress, Delays and Future Actions
02-02-2012e-Skills Week – European Citizens Need to Engage with e-Skills for Jobs and for Life
01-02-2012Draft ICT Policy Support Work Programme 2012 to Fund €127 Million Call for Proposal
31-01-2012CEPIS Moderates e-Skills Debates at Successful European e-Skills Conference 2011
30-01-2012Cloud Computing Public Consultation – EC Publishes Final Report
29-01-2012Almost a Quarter of 16 – 74 Year Olds have Never used the Internet
28-01-2012Sharp Increase in Number of Enterprises using Mobile Broadband Internet
27-01-2012Update from CEPIS Professionalism Task Force
26-01-2012Spanish CEPIS Member Supports Women in IT Debate during International Digital Contents Fair